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Barahona, Bahia de las Aguilas


Why choose Barahona?

The DR's tourist destination using the finest bio-diversity, the Barahona-Pedernales part of the country may be the final frontier for local tourism development. Nowadays, domestic vacationers and worldwide character connoisseurs are the commonest site visitors.

The striking natural points of interest of the region are incomparable. It boasts the biggest lake within the Caribbean, an amazing breathtaking highway with vistas across the coast, a mountain parador that overlooks a amazing chasm, scorchingly hot, dry forests that lie not not even close to cooler highland pine tree forests, in addition to being probably the most significant fruit-creating areas in the united states.

What else is nearby?

Popular stops in order to Barahona or to Santo Domingo are Baní and San Cristóbal. Stop in Baní to buy Dominican sweets on the road, go to the museum of Cuban national hero Máximo Gómez, or even the Salinas dunes and windsurfing area. San Cristóbal hosts the Pomier Caves, the most crucial within the Caribbean.

Port of entry/Ways to get there?

Small private planes or chartered plane tickets in to the city's Maria Montez Airport Terminal can be found but people generally visit Barahona by land. It's an approximate three-hour drive from Santo Domingo, the main city city, mainly along an excellent highway.

Points of interest

- Las Caritas. This historical website is situated around the north side of Enriquillo Lake. Should you drive past on the weekend, there might be tour buses or cars parked on the path to indicate the website from the designs and carvings within the rocks along the side of the high cliff. There's a trail leading to smiling and sad faces etched into history.

Site visitors towards the Enriquillo Lake area should stock on water, because this is a place of extreme high temps and powerful sunlight, even by Caribbean standards.

- Enriquillo Lake. The biggest within the Caribbean, this lake covers a place of roughly 102 square miles (265 square kilometers). The river also marks the Caribbean's cheapest point, a amazing 40 meters below ocean level. The title Enriquillo honors the very first effective insurgent from the The spanish language conquistadors. Our prime salt content of the inland phenomenon has produced a barren, apparently lifeless atmosphere that's inhospitable to humans, but well suited for the basking American crocodiles, friendly iguanas and elegant pink flamingos.

A visit around Lake Enriquillo completely to Jimaní (around the Dominican border with Haiti) after which coming back back eastbound around the southside brings vacationers beyond the impressive salt and gypsum mines at La Salina. Begin early and hang aside a complete day for touring the river and it is environs.

- Cabritos Island. Site visitors to Enriquillo Lake have the choice of going to this 7.5-mile (12-kilometer) islet that's the place to find 100s of reptiles. Arrive in the morning to book the seven-kilometer tour to Cabritos and examine the iguanas, crocodiles and flamingos prior to the blazing sun gets control. The guides will be sure that the crocodiles compare enough for your boat that you should peer to their eyes. Expect the trip to consider a minimum of two hrs, together with a quick hike over the island.

- Polo and also the Magnetic Hill. Awesome off in route to the town of Barahona by heading south around the Cabral-Polo Breathtaking Highway. Tourists will marvel at its Polo Magnético, where parked cars appear to visit backwards in the hill by themselves with no human assistance. Polo is situated among the forests from the Bahoruco mountain range, the place to find a few of the country's best coffee farms.

- Barahona. The region's primary city and provincial capital, Barahona is really a port situated in the finish of the magnificent horseshoe-formed bay that's presented by rugged mountain tops. Due to its salt and gypsum mines and various discos, Barahona is called the city “that works hard and plays hard.”

- Barahona-Enriquillo Seaside Highway. This really is possibly probably the most wonderfully scenic highway within the Caribbean, exceptional in the sights of the multi-colored ocean, untamed stretches of dense forest, sparkling rivers and towering eco-friendly mountain tops. Site visitors for this area are couple of and also the simple methods for traditional village existence might be glimpsed along the way. Wave towards the citizens and they'll smilingly wave back. It is a lush landscape of brilliant vegetables, accompanied by countless elegant yellow seeing stars and also the tunes of countless wild birds.

- Jaragua National Park. Named in recognition of the Indian chieftain, this park stretches over 854 square miles (1,374 square kilometers) and includes several miles of the best Caribbean beaches, along with the small islands of Alto Velo and Beata. El born area is arrived at following the capital of scotland- Enriquillo, once the highway requires a gradual use free airline as the story goes inland.

Uncover the environmental marvels this park needs to offer by journeying just a little further in to the country's north western corner towards the province of Pedernales. Among the Caribbean's best areas for bird-watching is located at the Oviedo Lagoon.

- Pelempito Drop (Hoyo p Pelempito). Marvel at just how flowering cacti and dry forests across the highway from Oviedo to Pedernales are changed in under 30 minutes with tropical pine forests when turning north inland in to the Bahoruco Mountain Range, using its levels in excess of 6,500 ft (2,000  meters). The relaxation stop built through the government can be found in a height of three,845 ft (1,165 meters) by having an observatory that has several mountain trails. Natural depression, outlined by levels as high as 5,940 ft (1,800 meters), entails a couple,300-feet (700-meters) drop. Temps here vary from 32°F (0°C) each morning to 77°F or 25°C at noon.

- Bahia de las Aguilas. Utilized mainly by boat or by flying lower an angular road aboard a rugged 4 Vehicle vehicle, el born area is within striking contrast towards the abundant greenery from the Bahoruco Mountain Range although both of them are situated inside the same Jaragua National Park.

The protected beach of Bahia p las Aguilas dazzles site visitors using its very-obvious waters. You will find no palms on these whitened sands, where turtles nestle by limpid waters along with a dry forest, featuring the plants and creatures that been around before the The spanish language settlers showed up. It's area of the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve which was put into UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves in November 2002.

- Pedernales. This small provincial town only has probably the most fundamental lodging, nevertheless its small restaurants serve freshly-caught lobsters.


Beaches across the Barahona-Enriquillo seaside highway range from the pebble beaches of Quemaito and San Rafael, using its natural pools which are filled with a collapsing mountain spring.

Next is Paraiso, an appropriately named “paradise” of intense turquoise waters inside a calm and crystalline bay. You will find spectacular sights available upon approaching the little capital of scotland- Enriquillo and it is rough-watered beach, in which a small graveyard overlooks three shades of blue sea water. Cabo Rojo is really a lovely whitened-sanded beach en-path to Pedernales, only one kilometer before Bahía p las Aguilas.

Photos Bahia de las Aguilas